Monday, 22 August 2011

Late summer, seafront, Saturday

Saturday, 20th August 2011

Aaaaah, lovely lovely Brighton (& Hove) and its main attraction, the 'Seafront' pulling 8 million visitors a year no less.
Football being played on Hove Lawns, kites flying, beach bbq smells, puppy dog get the idea... and our seafront bike path...which isn't wide enough.  Look at this:

 Couple chatting, two-way bike lane fully occupied...
...pass another couple chatting...eeek, now they're on the footway, there'll be blood on the streets!!...
 ...and away go other couple, still spilling out of the bike lane.

While visiting Copenhagen last year I learned of the ethos of creating bike lanes where people travelling by bicycle have enough width to ride side by side to chat and socialise.  These lanes are on average 2.4 metre wide.  One way. Hmmmmm.

Of course there is another option.  Please see below:

Three on a bike, child no. 1 singing to himself, adult looking unimpressed with me taking their photo, and child no. 2 (on the back, just her leg in this pic - left side) singing along too.  Great to see this and I'm not serious about the option against providing a wider bike lane.