Saturday, 26 March 2011

White trimmed delight

Friday, 25th March 2011

Tonight I met Russ and his pal Matt.  Russ was riding this simple beauty of a bicycle, and I asked if I could take his photo to share.  Russ told me he wasn’t part of any special club to do with special bikes.  He likes bikes and enjoys riding them - simple.  He offered to do a couple of tricks on his fixed gear, my novice camera expertise failing me & him (apologies Russ, I was impressed).

While chatting about the bike and Russ’s biking experiences a bunch of kids passed by, drinking pop and eating ice-creams all of them gawping and impressed by the bicycle…aspiring to a bicycle of beauty.

We talked about how people who cycle can be treated, and this was particularly in light of the ‘Cyclists dismount’ sign (seen in the background photo below).

What is it about contractors digging up this city and their inability to cater for bikes?  If someone can understand ‘cyclists dismount’, then they can also understand ‘cycle slowly’.  This would mean a legitimate detour for people on bikes around the works across the cycle path, alongside people on foot.  I should add that this cycle path is a ‘backbone’ cycle route of the city along the seafront which carries 2,500 people cycling a day.  Anyone seen any UK cycle friendly signs and detours?  I’d really like to post them here.


  1. Russ - FYI - there are a couple of us writing and posting under a pen name. i didn't mention that when I met you.

  2. Bonita fixie... y bonita foto.
    Saludos desde Sevilla

  3. Thank you. So sorry to have missed Velocity Sevilla. :(