Monday, 3 January 2011

Good things come in 3s

Monday, 3 January 2010

Just before Christmas I snapped this rather dapper pair in North Laine. Okay, so he wasn't riding his bike - a few main streets in the North Laine area of Brighton are pedestrian only at the weekends...still... I loved the racing green mainframe, to jeans, to leggings. Very smarty-pants, very North Laine Brighton.


  1. The bike is a DBS, Which is a Norwegian make. I have no idea how it traveled over from mainland Europe but from the moment I set eyes upon the unique frame and colour I had to have him. I purchased him about five years ago for £35 after seeing an advert in the Friday add.

    Last year we did the London to Brighton cycle ride and completed the 60ish miles (including the Ditchling Beacon without stopping) with just three gears and a coaster/back pedal brake.

    There have been a couple of repairs over the years completed by by Stefan at Amsterdammers Dutch Bicycles in Brighton. A really friendly guy who knows all there is about bikes from mainland Europe. He even got his mother to bring a part with her when visiting him, as the UK spares wouldn't fit the DBS crank size.

  2. Hi Matthew, great story to go with a great bike. Thanks so much for filling in the detail.
    Stefan and the Amsterdammers folk certainly know their stuff. I love their new home in the sidings at Brighton Station.